Position Descriptions

Board President

Accountable for current bylaws, recommends changes and ensures bylaws are adhered to.

Oversee board members and ensure they are aware of and performing their duties.

Hold board meetings with a planned, detailed agenda.

Community relations with current residents and the surrounding community.

Signature approval on LSL documents, checks, etc. on behalf of LSL organization.

Delegates authority to complete tasks as they arise.


Vice President

Serves as President in his/her absence.

Helps plan agenda for board meetings.

Researches issues and helps identify solutions.

Serves also on another committee.



Oversee Payroll & Payroll Taxes, W2 & W3 Forms, 1099, 1096 & 990 Forms

Prepare bills for approval at monthly Board Meetings

Prepare checks for signatures

Mail checks

Post deposits

Reconcile bank statement to bookkeeping report

Manage bank accounts as specified by Board

Prepare monthly/yearly expense reports as required by Board



Update and enforce the Illinois & Little Swan Lake Fishing rules

Work with the Department of Conservation to conduct surveys and stocking of our Lake

Consult the Department of Conservation for permits to remove carp from our Lake

Provide monthly reports at Board meetings regarding the health and balance of fish in our Lake


Lake Operations

Lake Operations Committee facilitates maintenance or repairs for Lake owned properties other than roads, mowing, lake and dam. It would include the clubhouse, pavilions, and security lights.

Some of the maintenance or repairs may be done by volunteers or it may require an outside contractor or service company.

Bids should be requested for significant jobs with approval from the board.



Review & update bid specifications and contracts as needed

Request mowing bids to be submitted by March 1 of each year

Publish on LSL website and publications as appropriate

Review sealed bids in committee & present recommendations to Board

(Mowing committee will submit process for noncompliance issues)



Maintain dam structure and spillway

Remove trees, shrubs and vegetation as needed to prevent erosion

Observe and maintain all shorelines

Coordinate rocking or maintenance for LSL owned out lots

Notify owners of shorelines needing rocking or maintenance

Work with lot owners to remove old tires used for boat docks or boat protection

Monitor Lake Siltation

Chair the siltation committee

• Research methods to prevent and remove silt

• Check silt boxes



Oversee the Little Swan Lake roads, roadway lights and signs

Paving & repair as required

Snow removal - contract to be in place before the first anticipated snowfall of the season

(Road committee will provide additional detail)



Maintain the website including current committee membership

Maintain changes to the rules and regulations for the paper copy and for the website

Collect information for the annual letter


Long Range Planning

Goals of the Long Range Planning Committee are to develop a vision and plan which will maintain the Lake and our Community for many years to come. Some of the specific objectives include:

• Create a long range plan – 2 years, 5 years, 10 years

• Assist with current and proposed budgets

• Identify & plan for capital expenditure requirements:

-- Short term capital requirements are to maintain & preserve Little Swan Lake such as road repairs and maintenance, upkeep on existing structures, lake and dam maintenance

-- Longer term capital requirements are considered improving our community and lake properties such as improving fish stock, treating the lake water, additional parking for out lots, landscaping out lots, additional docks and signs.

The Long Range Planning Committee meetings are open for any of the membership to attend. Comments and suggestions are welcomed for consideration in the vision, improvement and maintenance of our Lake properties.



Enforce Little Swan Lake regulations

· Fish limits

· Boat registrations/stickers

· Swimming

· Boating

· Out lots

Provide monthly reports for Board meetings

Provide copies of tickets issued during the month