1962 - Ralph Wilkins suffers a broken leg. While recuperating he envisions a lake development around his farm.

1963 - A Farm & Home Administration Loan was applied for and approved under President Kennedy's recreation program for rural communities. Herbert Wilkins was elected President of the Little Swan Lake Assoc. Originally, lots were to be leased for 99 years, but loan requirements required ownership, so the original lot application was revised.

1966 - Jud Henninger was hired as manager until Spring of 1969 to develop planning and programming. July 1966 - Construction was started on dam by Carr and Hummell of Bushnell, IL. The dam is 46 feet high, 1100 feet long, and 500 feet wide at the base. The water's depth is 36 feet.

1967 - Dam was completed and roads were being constructed. Section I was platted, this included lots 1-116. April 1, 1967 - First lot sold. They planned 555 lots which were divided into 5 sections in 650 acres of land. 1968 - Section II was platted. This included lots 227-282.

1969 - Section III, this included lots 284-347 and outlot Z was platted.

1970 - Driftwood Supper Club was constructed by Harlan Hummel, Bushnell, IL. 1970-71 Sections IV, lots 348 through 527 and Section V, lots 528 through 582 were platted.

1971 - Swan Hills Golf Course started.

1973 - Concrete Highway completed into Avon.

1974 - Ellsworth Stohler was hired to promote sales. The Holiday Queen, a large cruise boat toured potential buyers around the lake. He was assisted by Jerry Troutman and Ron Pelkington, sales.