LSL Covenants, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations

The Committee on Rules and Regualtions has reviewed the current rules and has made several recommendations to the membership. These changes include removing duplicate or redundant information, making it readable by using common language, and updating incorrect information and rules.

Guest-Owner Reponsibilites

As stated in the Little Swan Lake Club (LSL) Covenants, it is the responsibility of the Little Swan Lake Member to make sure that guests are aware of and abide by all the rules and regulations of Little Swan Lake as well as state and local laws and regulations. The LSL rules are posted on our web site Below are a few requirements of special note for guests to use the LSL facilities, including the lake. Most of these are listed also in the various specific sections with more detail, but are gathered here for convenience.
  1. ■ Clubhouse: the LSL member reserving the clubhouse must be present during the event.
  2. ■ Fishing: a LSL member must be present when a guest is fishing either in a boat or on the shoreline, unless the shoreline is the member’s property. The fisher must be properly licensed by the State of Illinois in all cases.
  3. ■ Boating: a LSL member must be present at the lake when a guest is using the member’s motorized boat. No guest boats are allowed.
  4. ■ Other sport use: a LSL member must accompany the guest when snowmobiles, 4-wheelers etc. are used on any LSL property, including the lake. No vehicles are allowed on the dam without express permission of the LSL board.
  5. ■ Swimming: It is fine for guests to swim no further than 100 feet from shore off a member’s property with no member present. There is no swimming off boats in the Wake Zone or off outlots. When swimming off a member’s boat in the no-wake zone a member must be present at the lake.


Tubing or Skiing - There is a new law which requires a flag flying at the highest part of your boat while pulling or when tubers or skiers are in the water. While skiing or tubing, be sure to have a responsible spotter and the driver cannot be considered a spotter. Boat in a counter-clock-wise patter. Children under 13 must wear life preservers. Lights must be used after dark.

Boat Ramp Parking – Please be sure boat trailers are parked at the ramp area rather that at the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is often reserved for other functions and the parking spaces are needed. One or two trailers can take up a lot of parking spots. We realize at times additional trailer parking could be used and we are considering options in the Long Range Planning Committee. Anyone interested in working on the project, please contact a Board Member.

2015 Membership & Boating Forms

The membership and boating forms have been sent out. If you have not received the documents or are new to Little Swan Lake, please send an email with your request to Barb ( or call 309-465-6734.