Sanitary District Information

We received word from the State that well number 7 is now approved and ready to put on-line. During the week of November 26th, the well will be connected to the lake water system.

Please note that the Sanitary District is not an entity nor part of Little Swan Lake Club and all questions and information should be directed to the Sanitary District Board. These webpages are only here to make it easier for lake owners to view the Sanitary District information

The State of Illinois Statute is the statue the Sanitary District was formed under and explains the powers and duties of the Sanitary District and the process for the trustees appointment.

A History of the Formation of the Little Swan Lake Sanitary District.

2017 LSL Sanitary District Audit document.

Sanitary District Meeting Dates

The SanitaryDistrict Board will meet at the LSL Clubhouse at 7:00 PM, the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public.

Sanitary District Board

Trustee, President / Project Engineer: David Hoppes
Trustee, Secretary - Treasurer: Patrick McKinley
Water Superintendent: Larry Lawson
Bookkeeper: Christie Butler
Recording Secretary: Patty Andersen