Volunteers are critical partners of the Little Swan Lake Community,
We need YOU!

Have you ever wondered why Little Swan Lake is such a gem?  It’s because of people – Volunteers – who take pride in maintaining all the good things we enjoy about our community—such as the beautiful lake, the fishing & boating, skiing & tubing, the clubhouse & gardens, the out-lots and roads. We owe a lot to our current volunteers and we would like to offer YOU the chance to take part in preserving all the great things you enjoy about Little Swan Lake. There are spots open on many committees, so please look over the list below and let us know what you might be interested in volunteering for. Several Board positions will also be open next Fall 2015. Please consider being part of the bigger picture – become a Little Swan Lake volunteer.

Little Swan Lake Committees / Volunteer Opportunities
If interested, please email : LSLClerk@hotmail.com


  1. Works closely with DNR to keep the lake stocked with game fish  & manages fish numbers
  2. Updates Illinois & LSL fishing rules


  1. Secures bids for seasonal mowing
  2. Inspects mowing on lake properties
  3. Notifies owners if lots are not mowed


  1. Registers all LSL watercraft
  2. Distributes LSL watercraft stickers
  3. Notifies members of changes to government rules and regulations

Road Maintenance & Snowplowing

  1. Identifies potential bidders & secures bids for road maintenance & snowplowing
  2. Assesses the need for lake road and culvert repairs, & road resurfacing
  3. Maintains lake culverts & roadway lights

Memorial Garden

  1. Helps maintain the Memorial Garden area surrounding the LSL clubhouse
  2. Offers suggestions for garden improvements


  1. Monitors & manages levels of silt in the lake
  2. Works with state & federal agencies to improve lake water quality
  3. Maintains the shorelines of the LSL out-lots

Lake and Dam

  1. Maintains the LSL dam structure & spillway
  2. Monitors & adjusts the lake levels
  3. Seasonal installation & removal of LSL docks

Lake Operations

  1. Maintains LSL structures including the clubhouse, out-lot pavilions & boat ramp
  2. Maintains signs & security lights

Long Range Planning

  1. Financial planning for the future of LSL
  2. Major project analysis ( i.e. creating additional parking by the Clubhouse, new boat ramp)

Building Permits

  1. Reviews remodeling & new construction plans with homeowners
  2. Handles building permits after the initial reviews